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Facial Plastic Surgery Palm Beach Gardens

A Personal Note from Dr. Mandal

Welcome to my practice!! Plastic surgery is an emotional, physical and financial investment in your well being. Becoming fully comfortable with your decision to have a cosmetic procedure has alot to do with your choice of surgeon. Finding a plastic surgeon that you trust, however, can be a daunting task. As a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who exclusively specializes in the face and neck, I invite you to learn about my unique, personalized approach that patients have come to value and respect over the years.

My goal is to educate you, rather than convince you to have surgery. No two people have the same anatomy, degree of aging, lifestyle or cosmetic concerns. Because each patient is different, no two will have the same result from the same procedure. Through the consultation process, I identify your unique concerns and tailor recommendations based on your lifestyle and individual needs.

With the growing popularity of plastic surgery, differentiating “quick-fix” fads from truly effective techniques can be a challenge. I will show you safe, reliable procedures that give quality results. This will empower you with the knowledge to select procedures that are right for you.

There is more to a good cosmetic result than technical perfection. Pulling, tightening and removing tissue are popular surgical methods but can also give a stretched, “windblown” or “done” appearance. I believe that the quality of your result is influenced by how well your surgeon understands the three dimensional aesthetics of the face. Restoring volume, creating contours and improving definition are the necessary finishing touches that give a youthful, harmonious and natural looking face. By integrating my aesthetic philosophies with technical expertise, I am able to take the quality of your result to a totally different level.

The trend in facial enhancement is a shift away from aggressive surgery and extensive anesthesia. I strive for the best possible results using the least invasive approach and the most advanced techniques. Extra or extensive procedures are not recommended unless there is true benefit and the patient is willing to accept higher risk and longer recovery. Less invasive procedures have many advantages including faster healing, less downtime, less anesthesia, less bruising and swelling as well as lower risks. The claim by some surgeons that less invasive or “mini” techniques give inferior results is incorrect. In order for any procedure to be effective, one must be a suitable candidate. My goal is to match the right procedure to the right patient to give the best possible result. Often this can be achieved through less invasive means.

The ultimate goal of plastic surgery is to give you a positive, meaningful experience that enhances your self-confidence and overall well being. My role, as your plastic surgeon, is to facilitate the entire process by being your partner from the initial consultation, through your procedure and aftercare.

I hope to personally welcome you to my practice and show you the difference I can make!